Why It Is Important To Shop Small

Why It Is Important To Shop Small

Why should you shop small?

There are definitely a lot of shopping options out there. Bigger department stores and more established global brands are just everywhere. They are easy to find and most often, have cheaper options.

So, why go for a small brand, which few people know about?

Well, if you don’t know yet, there are actually so many benefits of shopping small.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to shop small:

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They care more.

Small businesses are run by independent people or families, instead of big corporations and billionaires. Small shop owners have a close relationship with their community. They usually talk directly to their customers and have genuine care for the people who buy their products.

Quality is closely watched.

You might think that big factories and mechanical assembly lines have better control of the products that they make but this isn’t really true. In fact, when companies get too big, it might be harder to know all the ins and outs of production. When this happens, quality of the products can suffer. On the other hand, small companies are able to watch their production teams very closely and can really control the quality of what they are making.

Handcrafted with love.

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Most of the time, small shops make their products with their own hands. Even the owners or artisans make the products themselves. Because small businesses are passion-fueled, a lot of love and care go to the making of the products.

You’ll be helping your local community.

Small shops and small restaurants hire locally, unlike big companies who often outsource their production in third world countries for cheaper labor. This means, there will be more job opportunities for the people in your community. More jobs equals more profit, which will eventually result to a richer local neighborhood.

They know their customers.

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One of the most common problems with big businesses is they don’t really know their customers. Their products are made with profit in mind. It’s all about making more money and rarely about improving the lives of their customers. On the other hand, small shops are very involved with their customers. They know the problems within their communities and also know how to help and solve those problems. In turn, they create wonderful products with the customers needs in mind.

Customer service is a lot better.

While big corporations may have the budget for marketing and to analyze the numbers, small brands have a lot more connection to their customers. You will get to talk to real people when messaging them, instead of an automated machine or email. Small businesses are eager to please their consumers and will oftentimes go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy.

It’s better for the environment.

Big companies are powered by big factories, which consume a lot of energy. That means their carbon footprint is off the roof! A lot of times, they also do bad business practices and use toxic ingredients during the production process. This doesn’t only go in their products, production waste will also be dumped into the environment. Toxic waste can harm people, animal and plants.

Small shops handmade small batches, usually made at home or in a workshop. This means less carbon footprint and waste! Small brands are often more committed to sustainability and think of the environment impact they have.

It will feel good to help!

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When you are buying from big businesses, your money will be going to big corporations who already have billionaire CEOs. When you are shopping small, your money will be going to a parent who needs to feed their family, a student who needs extra allowance, a simple individual who is passionate about fulfilling a dream. You will be directly contributing to helping them and also your local community. Just the act of helping will make you feel good, regardless of what product you buy.

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