5 Things You Can Do To Boost Self-Confidence

5 Things You Can Do To Boost Self-Confidence

Confidence can be a very tricky thing. It can come and go so suddenly. One moment you are feeling fine and then a trigger or a bad day can completely leave you feeling so low.

You are not alone! Even those who seem like they have their lives figured out can experience low confidence from time to time. But there are several things you can do to walk with swag again!

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Here are some effective ways to instantly boost your self-confidence

1. Get dressed up.

It might seem like such a simple thing but your clothes actually have a big effect on your mood. Sweats might be super comfy but if you’ve been living in them for weeks on end, you’ll definitely be feeling lazy.

How can you get out of this rut? Take a shower, get all pretty and dressed up. Even if you don’t have plans of going anywhere, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making an effort to look good.

2. Kill negative thoughts.

One of the killers of confidence is negative thoughts. While it is normal for self-doubt to creep in from time to time, lingering negative thoughts can completely lower your self-esteem.

However, It’s not that easy to completely rid your mind of negative thoughts. You can’t just turn off a switch and suddenly feel all giddy and positive. But, you can definitely teach your mind to think better. It all starts with awareness. The next time a negative thought comes up, kill it! Recognize that it is just your mind playing games and replace it with a positive thought. With practice, you can eventually start thinking more positively.

3. Finish a small task.

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Confidence can also be achieved by accomplishments. Your accomplishments don’t have to grand. Even small tasks that are checked off of the to-do list can give you a major feeling of achievement. Make your bed, clean the kitchen or finish whatever it is that you’ve been trying to put off. You’ll feel much better afterwards

4. Stand tall.

This is another simple act that most people tend to overlook. Your posture can affect your mood. If you also don’t correct a bad posture, it can really cause long-term damage on your bones and muscles.

When you notice your shoulders drooping down or your chin dropping, make an effort to fix your posture and stand straight. This is especially helpful when you are in a meeting or a public setting. A simple adjustment can give you the confidence you need to close a sale or land a job!

5. Exercise.

Okay, you’ve probably heard this countless of times before. Exercising does so many good things for your mind and body! When you sweat it out, your body releases happy hormones, which will also give you a confidence boost.

Exercising is one of the quickest ways to improve your mood. You don’t have to do an hour-long fat-burning cardio routine. Simple exercises like walking, yoga and dancing can be just as effective too.

6. Spoil yourself!

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This should be easy to do, so you have no excuse of not doing it! After all, who doesn’t want to be pampered from time to time?

Sometimes, burnout from too much work can cause low confidence and you just need a little rest to get back on your feet again. You definitely deserve some “me time”! You don’t need a special occasion to spoil yourself with a gift or a whole day of pampering. Incorporate aromatherapy, essential oils and skincare in your pamper time. These tools not only do their job well in making you more relaxed, they will also leave you smelling good.

Gaining self-confidence is a journey and the journey is different for everyone. Some people’s path might be easier and for others, it can take a long time to truly find their confidence. But, if you never stop working on your affirmations and developing positive routines, you will be well on your way to becoming your best, confident self!

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