About Akoyn Beauty: Feel Good in the Skin I'm In!

Hey beautiful!  Welcome to Akoyn Beauty. We are located in beautiful Alpharetta Georgia -where we take pleasure in rolling up our sleeves and hand making the products that many women love and enjoy using.  We pour love into every single product we make, and are told quite often how much the love is felt.

One soap bar at a time.  Made in small batches and far from the industrialized production of commercial soap making, we bring an artistic and emotional approach to soap making.   Our soaps is hand cut in all of it's natural beauty, and boxed by two loving hands that anticipate you using the products and falling in love.

We are all SKIN in the game, when it comes to soap making for your body. Every single product has been tested, tried and true and have become staples in our family home as well as the homes of those that work with us. 

We are the new "essentials" for bath and body. Our work is largely Inspired by nature's fruits and flowers and their beautiful colors and aromas. You see it in the bright, bold colors of our packaging and feel and smell it in our aromatic products.

Calm- Restore-Release!  Our invigoratingly refreshing bars aim to improve the vibrance and suppleness of body skin by combating daily body skin stressors using the power of plant and fruit oils in all of our products.

We promise to enhance your personal care, with all of our "skin in the game".

Here is how:

Non drying cleaning- to keep calm skin, soothe it and keep it refreshed

Provide skin nutrition- to restore skin and keep in rejuvenated

Sensory Stimulation- to release intended emotions based on the scent of your choice.


-Nynoka and Quillon Grant

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