About Akoyn Beauty: Feel Good in the Skin I'm In!

Hey beautiful!  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!  Our story is simple just like our products.  We've been serving beautiful women for a while now, however,  it is  with in the last year that our efforts have been vested in helping women to keep beautiful skin. We help them to do so with less effort on their part. 

So I told you my story is as simple as our products. I fell in love with the beautiful process of  making soaps due to the great results I got with managing dry and irritated, eczema skin for my daughters and my self.

Oh did I forget to mention, my name is Nynoka Grant, I am the founder of this bold, beautiful and colorful soap company called Akoyn Beauty!  I have two wonderful girls 11 and 6 and I've been married to their father my number 1 supporter and  best friend for 8 years.

Unfortunately, I began my soaping journey in a time where bar soaps have a bad name. Commercial soap companies have been adding more and more cheap, toxic and harsh chemicals to soap and removing the simple, natural ingredients that make soap such an effective and loved personal care product. So now they are selling something that is comparable to the detergents that you clean your house with in a bar form for you to wash your body. Did you know that?

Before Akoyn Beauty came about there was major hesitation. My team and I began to cower on the journey of hoping to serve women and help them in their personal care journeys with amazing soap.  Why?  Commercial companies make their synthetic soap bars smell good and add a little cheap lotion in and are then able to sell them really cheap.  So how would we compete without compromising the quality of our real soap?  After all, we wanted to help women not hurt their skin.

I did not get discouraged.  Instead I brought something bold, colorful and inspiring to hundreds of bathtubs!

Instead of becoming sad about not being able to compete with commercial soap companies and their cheap soap, I did something better. I decided to create a LUXURIOUS nourishing soap the old-fashioned way. One that would manage the causes of unhealthy-looking skin which includes, excessive dryness and irritation. I did it, and I did it in a BOLD, FUN and COLORFUL way to make a statement to the women that needed the soap.

And there you have it! A tribe was born. The soap spoke to women who love the skin they are in and who knew that their skin was too valuable to be exposing it to the harsh ingredients that most commercially produced soap would. Hundreds of women have invested in long lasting beautiful skin and their  bathtubs are scented with the aroma of the SKIN I'M IN bars daily.

Feel good in the skin you are in: make your personal care a personal choice to love and appreciate you!.

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