Meet Nynoka Grant Akoyn Beauty CEO/SudsMaster

When she was a little girl growing up on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama, locals used to describe Akoyn Beauty founder and CEO Nynoka  Grant as ‘a girl after her own heart’...shy but opinionated, Nynoka quickly became known for her ability to make things happen at a young age.

Always true-to-herself, Nynoka  followed her heart, and her go-getting spirit when, at the young age of 19, she left her home in the Bahamas to pursue the career she knew she wanted. She earned her bachelor’s degree in social work, went on to earn her master’s degree in business administration, and to enjoy a successful career path working in higher education.

In 2008 her first daughter was born, and it was then that Nynoka  started to dream of a whole new career: entrepreneurship. As someone known for her skill at making things happen, she knew it was something at which she would excel. In the intervening years, however, life got busy as she gave birth to a second daughter and cherished their early childhoods. Finally, in 2019, Nynoka ’s passion for making things happen led her to fully take the plunge into entrepreneurship, and she knew exactly where she wanted to make things happen: natural skincare.

As she raised her two daughters, Nynoka strived to only give them the best of everything: the best love, the best foods, and the best care. As both girls suffered from eczema, Nynoka quickly grew concerned at the lengthy list of lab-born ingredients in the topical solutions available for treatment. A good friend introduced Nynoka to the world of handcrafted soaps -- and, just like that, a passion was sparked. In true ‘make things happen’ fashion, Nynoka  learned the trade of handcrafting solid soaps and shampoos using only natural ingredients, inside and out. She embraced the art of using essential oils and natural butters and she didn’t stop learning until she knew every last bit of information, and every last health benefit, about them.

Finally, a brand was born when Nynoka began developing soap formulas (or, as she calls them, recipes) that drew upon her natural skincare expertise and research. As she felt comfortable, she and her family used her products for months as she evaluated their quality and real benefits. As the months went by, and her amazing products continued to deliver amazing results, Nynoka  knew what she had was worth sharing. Today, she is on a mission to share her love of natural self-care products with women and their families who, like her suffers from sensitivities to chemical-based products they’ve been using.

As a newly launched brand, Akoyn Beauty is built around three guiding principles: honesty, transparency, and responsibility. Because Nynoka will not sell products she does not passionately believe in, all Akoyn Beauty products are used regularly by Nynoka and her family. Like Nynoka, her husband and children all believe that true self-care and natural ingredients are a cause worth fighting for. Far more than just the inspiration behind Akoyn Beauty, her family is also 100% invested in the brand’s success. Her husband, Quillon Grant, serves as Akoyn Beauty’s co-owner alongside her daughters Nyla and Quimora. Instrumental to the brand’s success, the entire Grant family is committed to creating a sustainable family business that serves families like their own with amazing, feel-good products for decades to come.