Meet Nynoka Grant Akoyn Beauty's CEO

Our founder Nynoka Grant has always been a strong advocate for brining meaning and intention into personal care and self care. Born in the islands of the Bahamas, she is an island girl at heart, but has spent most of her adult life in America.

She believes that your quality of life is largely affected by the way you care for yourself personally and otherwise.

As she began approaching middle age Nynoka knew that she wanted to age gracefully.  This includes mentally and physically.   She has always had a strong interest  in natural and non toxic products for women, especially  after having two beautiful girls of her own.

This interest led her to begin working on the brand we know  today as Akoyn Beauty, a personal care brand that helps  women use premium personal products to enhance their quality of life.

As a brand, Akoyn Beauty is built around three guiding principles: quality, transparency, and responsibility. This goes hand in hand with Nynoka's ambition to help women age gracefully and beautifully.

Nynoka's  husband and children are inspirations behind Akoyn Beauty. She wants to be her best self while she enjoys life with her family.

Her husband, Quillon Grant, serves as Akoyn Beauty’s co-owner alongside her daughters Nyla and Quimora. Instrumental to the brand’s success, the entire Grant family is committed to helping Nynoka live out her dream of helping women everywhere to age gracefully and beautifully with her premium selfcare products!