Turmeric Benefits For Skin: 4 Amazing Things To Know

Turmeric Benefits For Skin: 4 Amazing Things To Know

Turmeric, a.k.a. the Golden Spice, is one of the most popular ingredients in skincare today because turmeric benefits for skin are just countless. You probably have this sitting on your spice rack already or see it in your favorite organic skincare products.

Turmeric ginger flatlay on an orange background.

The exotic ingredient is nothing new, it has actually been around for a long time. Turmeric has long been used in the Eastern culture not just as a spice but also as medicine. Dating back nearly 4000 years ago, it is one of the most useful and important plants ever discovered.

If you haven’t gotten in on the turmeric trend yet, then you are missing out big time!

Why It Is So Potent

Turmeric’s medicinal benefits are credit to its active ingredient Curcumin. This compound found in the plant is responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Many people add turmeric spice in their foods and drinks not only because it enhances the flavor, it also has so many health benefits.

Great For Skin

But turmeric’s healing powers don’t just stop there! It can also treat a lot of skin conditions. Because of this discovery, many beauty brands have added it in their ingredients. The best thing about it is natural, which means it is safe to use. Compared to the harsh ingredients used in most commercial products, turmeric is gentler and safer.

Akoyn Beauty Golden Mud soap bar beside a turmeric powder on a spoon.

Golden Mud Turmeric & Papaya Facial Soap Bar

Here are just some of the turmeric benefits for skin that you should know:

It can fight off acne.

Ugh! Acne is one of those hard to deal with skin problems that can creep up even during adulthood. Unfortunately, this common skin problem can still haunt you even when you are well past puberty.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, turmeric has been known to be great for acne-prone skin. Most of the time, acne is caused by bacteria trapped under the layers of skin. Turmeric effectively combats acne by fighting the bacteria and cleaning the skin.

It lightens hyperpigmentation.

Dark spots on the skin, also called hyperpigmentation, is another pretty common skin issue. These are often caused by overexposure to sun, acne, hormonal changes, skin inflammation and aging.

While it might seem almost impossible to get rid of marks and spots, it is actually doable with regular use of turmeric. It can be used as a natural mask to lighten hyperpigmentation and even help heal scars.

It helps slow down skin aging.

Unfortunately, the skin loses its youthful glow as we age. It becomes less supple and also loses its natural moisture. This happens because of various factors including lifestyle, sun exposure and genetics. If you are lucky enough to have good genes, then you won’t have to worry about wrinkles for a long time. But typically, signs of aging start to appear in your 30s.

Thankfully, turmeric’s curcumin compound can help slow down the skin’s aging process. Because it is high in antioxidants, it can fight the free radicals or toxic elements that we encounter from day to day. With this kind of protection, your skin will be safe from premature aging. It diminishes fine wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity.

Turmeric powder on spoons.

It can heal wounds.

Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and has the ability to heal wounds. It effectively decreased inflammation and oxidation, making wounds heal faster. Because of to its healing properties, there will be little to no scarring when the wound has healed completely.

It can be applied directly as a powder but most use it as a paste for easier application on wounds.

There are are so many more turmeric benefits for skin that we can all take advantage of. Because it is a natural plant, it is generally safe to use with no harmful side effects. You might have to deal with the yellow stain on your hands or your skin but other than that, you don’t have to worry about toxicity or harsh reactions.






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