Best Body Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Best Body Care Routine For Glowing Skin

It’s been all about face care routines lately. While we are all for keeping the face looking young, let’s not forget about the body. After all, your body does so much work for you, it is just right that you take care of it too. If you want to give yourself a little more love, follow our body care routine for glowing skin below.

Do you need to have a body care routine? Definitely!

Aside from keeping your skin moisturized, a good body care will keep you mentally healthy too. Giving your body some TLC is a form of self-care. Plus, your body deserves some spoiling!

Woman in a bathtub doing a face massage.

Check out these 5 simple steps to get your skin glowing.

1. Cleanse

The body goes through so much in a day, especially if you are always outside. Imagine all that gunk and bacteria that gets on your skin! You don’t want to sleep without removing all of that, do you?

Cleansing with the right soap or body wash is super important. While it may be easier to grab the cheapest drugstore body wash on your trip to the grocery, this bad habit could be causing your skin harm.

Most cheap soap and cleansers contain toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients that are bad for the skin. Check the label of your body wash for ingredients that can trigger skin irritation and dry out skin.

These include:

  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Perfumes
  • Dyes

There’s a better way to shower. Switch to gentle cleansers that are made from plant-based ingredients. These are not only better for your skin, they are also better for the environment.

2. Exfoliate

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Did you know the skin naturally sloughs off skin every month? However, as you age this process gets slower. To help speed up the process, exfoliate with a scrub. Why do you need to exfoliate? Well, aside from speeding up the skin renewal process, this will also make sure that your skin can absorb your skin products easier.

When there are layers and layers of dead skin, the nutrients of your products won’t get through so much. If you want to get full absorption, keep your skin clean and freshly exfoliated before applying your skin products.

How often should you exfoliate?

Don’t get too excited about exfoliating, though, because doing it too much can be bad too. Overexfoliation can strip off your skin of its natural moisture. It’s not necessary to exfoliate every day. One to two times a week should be enough to keep your dead skin cells at bay.

What’s the best way to exfoliate the body?

There are a lot of product options for exfoliating the body. Chemical exfoliation with AHAs can easily get the job done but this is not for everyone. There are also organic body scrubs that are made from natural ingredients like coffee or sugar. These body scrubs are usually more popular and also smell a lot better. There are also tools like gloves and loofahs for exfoliation. These will help you exfoliate those hard to reach places like your back.

3. Moisturize

Black woman putting moisturizing cream on her arm.

This is definitely an important part of your body care routine for glowing skin. You should never skip it! Moisturizing after cleansing and exfoliating is essential to keep your skin plump and healthy. This is especially important if you have dry skin.

Did you know that your skin loses more moisture at night? Because there is less sebum production during this time and the protective layer of natural oils isn’t there, your skin loses more water. This is why the best time to slather on your body creams is at bedtime.

Akoyn Beauty Skin I'm In Body Balm

Akoyn Beauty Skin I'm In Body Balm

What’s the best moisturizer to use?

For a bedtime body care routine for glowing skin, a cream or oil that can do deep moisturizing is the best option. Go for products with rich ingredients like shea butter or hyaluronic acid. These will penetrate your skin layers well and help your skin repair itself while you sleep.

4. Self Massage

Woman in bathrobe massaging her neck.

This is a bonus step that is optional but highly recommended! Because nothing else can make you feel relaxed and pampered than a massage. You don’t need to book a massage therapist, you can do a self massage that can be just as soothing.

The body parts to self-massage for relaxation are hands, feet and neck. You can do this with your favorite body oil or moisturizing body cream. Lather a good amount and just gently knead your muscles.

These are just some of the ways you can do for body care. Of course, you can also develop your own body care routine for glowing skin. Remember, consistency is key! Make it a routine and your skin will have that healthy glow in no time.

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