Original Hydrating Body Balm/Moisturizer (Unscented)


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This Original Hydrating Body Balm (Unscented) is the best body moisturizer for dry & sensitive skin! This organic whipped body balm is made from high-quality natural ingredients to truly moisturize and soften your skin. An 8 ounce treasure jar will nourish and pamper your skin for a long time!

Calendula Infused Olive Oil - soothes dry & irritated skin

Daikon Seed Extract - enhances skin softness & suppleness

Jojoba Oil - balances natural oils, anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory

Mango Butter - hydrates & softens skin, prevents moisture loss

Shea Butter - hydrates & moisturizes

Sunflower Seed Wax - protects skin from UV rays, prevents moisture loss

Candelilla Wax - protects skin from UV rays, prevents moisture loss

Vitamin E - promotes skin glow & youthfulness 

HOW TO USE: This organic whipped body balm is best used on damp skin. After taking a shower/bath, or after washing your hands, massage this liquid gold into your skin and experience pure heaven! This hydrating body balm becomes slightly greasy during application but absorbs into your skin within minutes. And has the unique ability to reduce water loss from your skin, locking in moisture and truly nurturing your skin. Experience it yourself today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Smells classy

I got the flirty scent, it reminds you of your rich classy Antie. The consistency of the product can vary, sometimes it feels gritty if its cold and not room temp or warm. It kind of is like rubbing oil on your self. If your hands or skin is ashy, its not like lotion where it'll instantly moisturize it. It will sit on top of the ashy skin and not soak in immediately. So on my hands, especially during this time of year, I have to use lotion then put this on top. It does make the skin feel nice and soft, good for the winter.
My only critique is to tweak the consistency, it feels kind of weird tbh and I want it to INSTANTLY moisturize my ashy skin, not just sit on top of it. Also, I would love you them to create more scents, they did a great job because it permeates the skin FaSho!

Love it

Before using it I smelled it and it smelled great and I did tester on my hand and omg it melts ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Chantal Petit
Great product!!!!

This balm is the truth!!!!! It's not sticky and thin like lotion it has a great consistency that goes on silky smooth. I love it and will make it my staple bath product.

Amalia E
Great even after exposure to extreme weather

I received my soap and hydrating balm during Northern California's heat wave...the hydrating balm arrived like a liquid so I put it in the coldest room of the house to cool down. Once the balm went back into a balm I tried it and it was great. Skin feels amazing. Texture changed a little bit with some of the butter bits getting grainy, but not enough to be bothersome. Love love love it

Kathryn Fletcher

Prior to this purchase I would rarely lotion my body after a shower. I used this balm the first night on skin that felt, dry and cracked. No lie, first night I used it.. my skin loosened. Now I look forward to hydrating my skin, after each shower with the balm!