4 Dope Black Fitness Bloggers Who Will Inspire You To Get Healthy

4 Dope Black Fitness Bloggers Who Will Inspire You To Get Healthy

With the New Year just around the corner, it is just the right time to start working on those resolutions! Health should be on top of your priority list, especially since this pandemic has proven how important it is to be in tip-top shape.

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration to help you get out of that rut and start working out again, then you will love the ladies we’ve found below.

We scoured Instagram to find these fierce black women who embody power, strength and beauty. These are the kinds of influencers who will make you feel good and inspire you to improve. Check them out below:

Roz The Diva

Pole dancer stretching her leg up while standing up.


Roz The Diva is proof that sexy comes in all sizes. She is a pole fitness instructor and also teaches body positivity to her followers. Having a curvaceous figure, Roz proudly redefines what a “pole dancer’s body” should be - if you have a body, you can dance pole! Because it is for anyone and everyone!

Aside from being a body positive role model, Roz also has such a fun personality that would brighten up any room. Her classes are definitely far from boring! She is unapologetically herself and we love a confident diva!

Selena Watkins

Black woman in red leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings.


Here’s another black queen that we love. Selena Watkins is a professional dancer and choreographer who founded Socanomics - a brand that does the popular Caribbean Soca dance for fitness. Unlike the traditional cardio workout, this one is fun, upbeat and uplifting. The dance fitness program promises not just cardio burning but also a spiritual experience.

Selena is definitely the epitome of a strong black female to look up to. She is not only drop dead gorgeous, she is also a fierce female warrior who uses her platform for good. Oh, and not to mention her figure is to die for!

Christyna Johnson

Nutritionist Christyna Johnson wearing a life vest at the beach.


Diet plays an extremely important role in our health. The problem is - a lot of us don’t really have a healthy relationship with food. Because of diet culture, people (especially women) find it such a challenge to truly love their bodies. 

Christyna Johnson is a wellness influencer that dismantles the diet culture and teaches her followers to confront their relationship with food and work on having a positive body image. She is a registered dietician nutritionist, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. On her Instagram account, you will find posts that will educate you on how to deal with body shame, diet culture, eating patterns and other helpful inspirational tidbits.

Chef Babette Davis

Chef Babette showing her abs in a black two-piece outfit while in a photoshoot.


Babette is a celebrity chef and also the owner of Stuff I Eat restaurant in Inglewood, California. She went viral after a photoshoot where she showed off her unbelievable figure. What’s more interesting is - she is 70 years old! The photoshoot was to celebrate her 70th birthday and also to spread the message of self-love.

So, what’s her secret to keeping fit during her golden years? She credits her healthy vegan lifestyle and regular workout sessions in achieving her figure. Above all, she also says self-love has been a major contributing factor. We are definitely listening to her advice because her confidence, self-love and figure all prove that she is doing it right!

The journey to wellness can be a long and winding road but filling your feed with the right content is a big step towards the right direction. Unfollow toxic influencers who make you feel like you are not enough and promote a negative body image. Get inspired by the fierce black females above who preach the right kind of self-love.

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