Avocado Shampoo Bar Gems


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Enjoy the amazing benefits of avocado oil on your hair! These Avocado Shampoo Bar Gems are the best natural shampoo bar gems for curly & natural hair! Made for all hair types, these organic & vegan-friendly conditioning shampoo bar gems will leave your hair surprisingly clean without feeling dry nor brittle. Formulated with a combination of natural oils & clays to cleanse as well as moisturize hair in the gentlest way possible!

Avocado Oil - cleans & moisturizes scalp

Castor Oil - removes impurities with its antibacterial/fungal properties

Coconut Oil - removes impurities & moisturizes hair

Olive Oil - moisturizes and softens hair

Amla Clay - smoothens hair strands & soothes scalp

HOW TO USE: Soak hair completely. Hold one shampoo gem in the palm of your hand & begin massaging wet scalp to build up a lather. Gently move lather all the way down to length of hair after cleansing scalp. Follow up with a conditioner of choice.


Customer Reviews

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There a staple!

Shampoo gem smells so yummy you substitute it for your hand soap.These gems simplifies the shampoo process I now look forward to shampoo day!

Cassandra Stewart
My 4c Hair loves this shampoo

I purchased the Amla shampoo bars and it's perfect for my 4c hair. It cleans my scalp and hair perfectly without drying it out. The small squares last three washes each, I have medium length hair when stretched (touched my shoulders). Get this shampoo, your thick hair will love it.

Angela M.
I'm enjoying the benefits of

I'm enjoying the benefits of the all natural ingredients. I can definitely feel the difference in my hair. Much more softer and shiney.