Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween 2020 Costumes

Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween 2020 Costumes

From a global pandemic to election struggles, this year has definitely been tough on everyone. While times may be hard right now, it’s not going to stop the human spirit from finding ways to celebrate life and the traditions we love – like Halloween. Pre-pandemic, this was definitely the most awaited event of the year. But with quarantine in effect, it has become a challenge to do Halloween. To adjust, celebrity Halloween 2020 costumes have become more creative than ever!


We can’t help but be amazed over how people managed to have fun and celebrate one of the most beloved traditions. This year, there were some changes for Halloween. Although there were still some privileged celebrities who somehow thought it was okay to throw huge parties without masks on, there were also a lot of stars who were smart enough to celebrate Halloween safely.


Here are just some of our favorite celebrity Halloween 2020 costumes:


Maya Smith

Singer Maya as Moesha for Halloween 2020.

‘The Voice’ alum Maya Smith took us right back to the 90s as she dressed up as popular 90s character Moesha. Played by Brandy, Moesha was such an iconic character of the 90s era. The popular sitcom aired back in 1996 and lasted for six seasons. Maya is a young singer but she got the whole look on point, down to Moesha’s braids and even the background. The look was so good that Brandy reposted it in her story! Naturally, Maya was all giddy from the repost. Who else is nostalgic for the 90s?



Ciara and husband Halloween 2020 costumes.

Here’s another celebrity who’s giving a respectful nod to the past! Probably because times were much easier back then. Ciara even pulled in husband Russel Wilson to complete her Halloween look. The singers transformed themselves into Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes – two iconic 90s singers. Ciara dressed up in a super fierce leather ensemble with ring embellishments and she finished with Janet Jackson makeup and hair. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson also successfully channelled his 90s rapper vibes in a metallic silver suit and Busta Rhymes hair. The married couple were so into their looks that they even recreated the ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ music video.


Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and family dressed as smores for Halloween 2020.

While other celebrities were going all out with their Halloween 2020 costumes, Gab Union decided to go a different route. She and her family decided to do a group costume and dressed up as SMORES! We are dying because the whole look was so cute and their daughter Kaavia was the littlest and happiest marshmallow we’ve ever seen. Gab proved that you don’t really need an extravagant costume to celebrate Halloween. Sometimes, simple is best! This whole look was just wholesome and heartwarming. What a creative idea to involve the whole family as ingredients for smores!


Cardi B

Cardi B dressed as Medusa for Halloween 2020.

Naturally, Cardi B is not one to take the simple route because this queen is all about being bold and savage. For this year, Ms. Bardi decided to be a sexy, slithering Medusa. Now, this is no ordinary celebrity Halloween 2020 costume, of course. In true Cardi fashion, the rapper went all out and became a golden Medusa goddess. She was dressed in a metallic golden Medusa two-piece suit, which also came with Medusa hair. The cherry on top was her snake tail, which looked so realistic! Cardi’s Medusa costume is definitely one of the best celebrity Halloween 2020 costumes. And she makes such a fine Medusa too!


Doja Cat


Another homage to an icon from the 90s because we just can’t get enough. Doja Cat decided to dress up as Tyra Banks and recreated one of the most iconic moments in America’s Next Top Model. You probably remember it too. Yes, the one where Tyra blows off on one of the aspiring models because of her bad attitude. This scene has become so infamous that it is now almost a meme. Doja Cat did not just copy Tyra’s fiery red hair look, she also did such an awesome job recreating the clip, complete with head snaps and eye rolls. Tyra was impressed and even praised Doja for doing such a fierce impression of Tyra’s infamous moment.

Hats off to these ladies for making the most of this year’s Halloween, despite the challenges! We definitely enjoyed their Halloween 2020 costumes and we are looking forward to their looks for next year. How did you celebrate Halloween this year?

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