Amazing Hair Hacks For Curly Hair Problems

Amazing Hair Hacks For Curly Hair Problems

You’ve probably heard this before but it is worth repeating over and over again because it is so true — your hair is your crowning glory. It is a critical component of your whole look, so it is important that you take care of it.

Black girl holding her curly bangs in front of her face.

If you have naturally curly hair, you may run into problems like dryness, frizziness, breakage, tangles and limpness. Don’t worry, you are not alone! These are actually common curly hair problems that can be resolved. Even the most damaged hair can be brought back to life with time and with the help of the right products, of course!

Here are some amazing hair hacks for curly hair problems:

Your curly hair feels extremely dry.

One of the most common problems of curly hair is dryness. Curly hair strands are actually more porous than straight hair, which is why it doesn’t hold moisture very well. To keep curly hair moisturized, it is important to keep it nourished with a moisturizing oil or leave-on conditioner.

Use gentle shampoo that won’t strip down the natural oils of your hair. Also, don’t over shampoo! Skip shampooing on days when your hair is not that dirty and just substitute dry shampoo instead.

Your hair strands are always breaking.

It’s normal for hair strands to break from time to time but if you notice that your are having severe breakage when brushing your hair or in the shower, then your hair is most likely dry and undernourished. You can combat this by adding moisturizing products on your hair care routine. It is also best to give your hair a break from all the styling. Temporarily stop using flat irons and put your hair dryer in cold air mode too.

You always have tangles and knots.

Black woman with curly hair smiling wearing a printed headband.

Curly hair that lacks moisture will also tangle easily. When curly hair is dry, the strands can also mat together. To avoid this, detangle curly hair properly. This should be done gently and with the right tools. When detangling curly hair, it is important to divide hair into sections rather than just doing random areas. Also, never overlook the roots! It might be easier to detangle hair ends but if you don’t do the roots, you will be left with tangles that will be harder to smoothen out.

You always have split ends.

Split ends are a sign that your hair needs some much needed TLC. This can be easily resolved with regular trimming. You might be tempted to skip the trims but being lazy about this can damage your hair. Split ends will also cause friction with other hair strands and will result in more tangles and knots. Regular trimming will also help your hair grow longer in a healthier state.

You have too much volume.

While those with fine hair would kill for some volume, those with curly hair often have the problem of having too much volume. Huge hair can be very sexy but the downside is, it can be hard to manage. To keep your volume in control, keep your hair products concentrated on the ends. It is also better to use a diffuser instead of a hair dryer. If you are using a hair dryer, blow hair downwards and focus on drying roots flat. This technique is great for toning down the volume and smoothening curls.

Two girls with curly hair laying on grass.

While curly hair might be a little bit more challenging to manage, it can look glorious when properly cared for. You just need a little bit of patience and a lot of dedication. Give those gorgeous curls the TLC that they deserve!

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