4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Sex Appeal

4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Sex Appeal

You probably know of a couple of people who just have that natural swag. They walk in the room and people just gravitate towards them. They can make any conversation seem interesting and you are just somehow drawn to them.

It’s not really because of their looks. It’s something beyond that. Something intangible that’s a bit more complex. You know what it is — sex appeal.

Some people are just naturally blessed with oozing sex appeal. They don’t even have to try, they are just effortlessly hot hot hot. Think Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Prince. No matter what they are wearing, they are just desirable.

Sexy girl wearing underwear and posing in a dark red room.

Here's the good news -- you don’t really need to be born with it, although those who are definitely have a little bit of advantage. There are simple things you can do boost your sex appeal and make you more attractive. Read on below and take notes!

Have a little more confidence.

Here’s the common denominator of all people who have the most sex appeal — confidence. Regardless of how you look, if you are confident, your level of attractiveness will get a couple more points.

There are a couple of things you can do to quickly boost your confidence, like improving your posture, walking with a stride and smiling. However, the long-term kind of confidence will require a lot more work.

Take care of you body.

Black woman showing her abs while wearing lace lingerie.

While sex appeal is more about the aura than the looks, it certainly helps if you are presentable. You don’t need to have a strong physique or a symmetrical face to be attractive. However, if you dress well, smell good and look clean, you’ll definitely be a lot more desirable.

People will want to be around you more if you take care of yourself. On the other hand, if you look like you don’t take care of your body or have bad hygiene, people wouldn’t want to be around you as much.

Be interesting.

Have you ever lacked interest in a suitor or a date because they seem so bland or had no personality? Even if someone is physically attractive, if they are shallow, boring or just plain nasty, they will definitely be less desirable. Personality is an important factor in attractiveness. It can be such a big turn off if you don’t have anything to talk about with your date. Someone with a great or interesting personality can trump someone who is good-looking but boring.

How can you be more interesting? Be a little bit more curious about the world around you. Try different things, experience life outside of your little world and you will have a lot more to offer. Here's another tip -- listen. Listening intently to whatever your date is saying will make you a good conversationalist. Don't just yap about yourself! An engaging conversation should go both ways.

Showcase your creativity.

According to experts, creativity is attractive. There are several reasons why creatives are more captivating than those who are not. First off, it signals intelligence and good genes. Additionally, people who are in touch with their creative side tend to be more vulnerable and romantic — traits that are attractive to a potential partner.

Black ballerina with headphones on doing a leg stretch.

If you play an instrument or have other creative skills like writing, painting or dancing, make sure to slip that in the conversation on your next date. If you are not very creative, it’s never too late learn. Enroll yourself in a music class, a pottery class or a dance class. This will not only boost your sex appeal and attractiveness, it is also great for your mental health.

There are so many other ways to boost sex appeal but the ultimate secret is being comfortable with who you are. If you are confident in who you are and don’t feel the need to be pretentious, then you have already won.

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