Hydrating Body Balm

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 If you suffer from eczema or extremely dry skin, due to weather, or any other skin condition,  when used properly this WHIPPED BODY BALM becomes the answer to your skin prayers. A little goes a long way, so this 8 ounce treasure jar will nourish and pamper your skin for a long time.  NO skimping or compromising with any of the LUXURIOUS INGREDIENTS used! This hydrating Balm is best used on DAMP SKIN. So after a shower or a bath or after you have just washed your hands pat dry and massage this liquid GOLD into your skin and experience pure heaven. When you apply the balm it goes on slightly greasy, which is the nature of any balm. But within minutes of you massaging the oil onto your body it will absorb into your skin. It has the  unique ability to reduce water loss from your skin. This process of water locking will benefit your dry skin tremendously. Oil does not moisturize or hydrate it helps these process to take place,  so it's best to use a product that helps you to lock in the needed moisture and that protects and nurtures your skin. This is skin softening you must experience for yourself. This Balm is loaded with:

Calendula Infused Olive Oil-Soothes Dry Irritated Skin,

Daikon Seed Extract-Enhance skin softness and Suppleness

Jojoba Oil-Balances Natural Oils- antimicrobial- Anti inflammatory

Mango Butter-Hydrates and softens skin prevents moisture loss

Shea Butter-Hydrates and moisturizes

Sunflower Seed Wax- Protects skin from UV rays, prevents moisture loss

Candelilla Wax-Protects skin from UV rays, prevents moisture loss

Vitamin E- Promotes skin glow and youthfulness 

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Great even after exposure to extreme weather
Great body balm
Skin so soft
A little goes a long way