Argan Oil Shampoo Bar Gems


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Enjoy the amazing benefits of argan oil on your hair! These Argan Oil Shampoo Bar Gems are the best natural shampoo bar gems for curly & natural hair. Made for all hair types, these organic & vegan-friendly conditioning shampoo bar gems will leave your hair surprisingly clean without feeling dry nor brittle. Formulated with a combination of natural oils & clays to cleanse as well as moisturize hair in the gentlest way possible!

Argan Oil - conditions hair making it softer, silkier & shinier

Castor Oil - removes impurities with its antibacterial/fungal properties

Coconut Oil - removes impurities & moisturizes hair

Olive Oil - moisturizes and softens hair

Kaolin Clay - boosts circulation in the scalp while gently cleanses

HOW TO USE: Soak hair completely. Hold one shampoo gem in the palm of your hand & begin massaging wet scalp to build up a lather. Gently move lather all the way down to length of hair after cleansing scalp. Follow up with a conditioner of choice.

Customer Reviews

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This stuff is amazing. When I tell you this is the best shampoo for my nipple length, tight, dense type 4 hair, I mean it! These gems are so easy to use, they smell amazing, they are slippery enough to detangle with, they produce a wonderful lather that really cleanses your scalp and hair without stripping it, and the curl definition and shine is unparalleled. All of that would be enough but the fact they're vegan and packaged sustainably with minimal (if any?) plastic AND Black owned puts them over the edge. Buy yourself one when they come back in stock!

Leonard R
Argan Oil Shampoo Bar Gems

The Shampoo Bar Gems are awesome! My family said the gems do a very excellent job in cleaning the scalp and hair.

Omar Pinder
Just like the name suggests!!!

If you love clean shiny weightless curls, Akoyn curl enhancing shampoo gems are all you need... These little previous gems left my hair clean, not overly dry and shimmering like a diamond chandelier. They present a rich and powerful later that lifts the grime and oils from the hair and scalp without the overly dry feeling. Shipping was super fast and ahead of schedule. A must have!