Science has proven that you can enhance the beauty of your skin by feeling good inside!

Do your self care products make you feel good on the inside and the outside?
Here's why they should!
It  has been scientifically proven that when human beings feel good inside  it shows on their skin.  When some one has great self esteem it shows!
A field called PSYCHODERMATOLOGY studies the relationship between our minds and our skin!
You heard that right! A skin care routine using natural and nourishing products combined with a positive outlook of self can have you in the best skin of your life.  
So 2 simple ways to ensure your skin stays healthy and beautiful
1)Nourish your skin externally with natural products.
2)Continuously work on your self esteem with the help of your self care products.
This is why we formulated our affirmation natural soaps. 
1) They are all natural and nourishing real soap ( no chemical additives)
This helps with the outside nourishing of your skin with natural oils and butters while cleansing.
2) You use the soap daily (daily self love reminder affirmations)
 Daily affirmation help to deter negative self image and foster positive self images, self love and self esteem.
In their scientific studies, they found that changing negative patterns and thinking of ones self can help heal skin disorders!!!!
This determines that our feeling about our selves "our mood" plays a role  in the over all health and look of our skin.
The SKIN IM IN BARS are  formulated to set the perfect mind mood to ensure that your skin soaks up all of the nourishing properties these bars have to give.
HOW?  Beautiful Affirmations of self love and encouragement with every
bar.  Making you want to feel good in the SKIN YOU ARE IN!
Along with this soap empowering and supporting women in loving the skin that they are in,  this amazing formula of nourishing lather is made of all natural ingredients  to feed your skin with the best oils and butters  to support the results of you feeling good inside, which is healthy skin!