Akoyn Beauty Soap Reviews!
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5 Bars Body Soap Bundle

Love it!!

This is the best body oil!! It keeps your skin moisturized and supple and the smell is out of this world!! There is nothing like it!!

I love

I love these soaps so much! They smell delicious and they don’t dry my skin out. They are definitely my new favs.
I even sent one to my 10 year old niece who loves Bath and Beauty Works products but her skin reacts badly to it, so the natural products are great for her. She is loving it as well.

2 Bars Golden Mud Turmeric & Papaya Facial Soap Bundle

Tropical Fruit Soap Bar

I love this product. My skin is much smoother and i enjoy the scent of the product.


This is a great product, I'm very happy with the way my skin is reacting. I am an eczema sufferer and I've been looking for soaps, body balms and oils that help with the breakouts and I have to say I'm Home!! Thank you for making such an incredible product that smells amazing and feels amazing!! I could cry!!

Better than expected

I've been skeptical with body lotions for years that has Shea butter in it because it never really moisturize my skin as the product information will describe. But this!! This has met and exceeded my expectations!! Literally 24 hours worth of moisturized skin. I will be buying this again!! Oh and I'm still on the look out for the Avocado deep cleansing gems to be back in stock!

Excellent soaps

I got this soap for my daughter who has very sensitive skin...she and I noticed the fresh smell immediately and we love the way it feels on your skin .... will purchase again

5 Bars Body Soap Bundle

Tumeric and mud and papaya facial soap

Excellent, love it and telling all my peeps!!

Individual Bars

Best soap ever!

This is the best soap I've ever used. It smells amazing. It really does have a luxurious lather that leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. While they are all great, the tropical fruit is my favorite. It's the only soap I want to use now.

Great product


Lathers up really good, clean fresh sent!!

Smells amazing

Love this product. My skin is so smooth and smells delicious. Will definitely purchase again and again.

Body bars bundles

I enjoyed the lather and it smells great.

Simply Amazing

I really love how this soap makes my skin feel clean and soft. No soapy, slick feeling after using this soap but I was clean. Simply love it.


Was not like any other soap. My skin felt smooth and didn't get ashy

3 Bars Body Soap Bundle


I like it. The price not so good. I think it has a good scent.

Soft Smooth Fragrance Divine

THE SKIN I'M IN Soaps are AMAZING!!! Just try it you will be so glad you did. These soaps work on all skin types, from ultra sensitive to now winter skin. Seriously I'm telling you this clears it up and this is coming from someone with horribly sensitive skin. I've struggled my whole life with problem skin and have tried everything.
I think they key lies in the natural ingredients and the Beautiful fragrances. I lather up with the rich soft bubbles and let it sit a while before rinsing off and you will see the difference within days if not overnight. I use my soap twice a day at the least. I LOVE THE SKIN I'M IN.🖤🖤💙❤

Fabulous!!!!!! This soap is nothing Ive ever used before. My skin is so soft, clean anf the smell is so nice!

Best thing ever!!!!

My skin feels soft and moisturized. I have eczema and the is cream and soap works wonders for me.

Unscented body soap bar

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT... It's my go-to soap for my eczema-prone sensitive skin... The best I have used so far...