Your skin has its Reasons!

Your skin has its reason

Your skin has its reasons why it does not look as smooth and feel as soft as you want it to. Maybe you have tried a million and one products that promises to give you  great skin. But the promises are all broken when your skin reverts to behaving badly. Dry, Flakey and looking unhealthy.

This is why here at Akoyn Beauty we are such huge advocates for moisturizing and nourishing your skin while you clean your skin! Our Intense moisture deposit method, helps you fight all of the symptoms that come along with skin  that is lacking the correct balance of moisture.

Your skin hates detergents

Did you know that most grocery store soaps that you can purchase are mostly just detergents. You get what you pay for!  Did you ever wonder why you can get soaps like dial and dove so cheap. Well synthetic detergents are inexpensive so you can get more for less. These detergents have one job and that is to strip away dirt and oil. They even take away the oils that your skin produces to keep it soft and healthy looking. This is why when you get out of the shower you are itching and dry and sometime gray. This is your skin's way of saying you are dehydrating it.

Clean and Deposit

This is what our nourishing SKIN IM IN bars do. They take away all that you don't need on your skin, this includes excess dirt and oil. It does this by suspending these things away from skin while you lather up making it easier to wash away. But the soap doesn't stop there its leaves behind remnants of the rich nourishing oils that they are made with aiding in remoisturizing the skin before you even use a sealing lotion.

Replace you drying bar

Stop taking away all the things that your skin needs to flourish and be healthy. If you avoid compromising the skin's protective barrier with harsh drying soaps you will notice your skin reacting to you differently in the way its looks. Ashy, dry flakey skin will be a thing of the past when you begin depositing moisture supporting ingredients while your bath. This will be your skin's reason for being smoother and softer!

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