Get the BEST looking skin of your life beginning with your bar soap!

Healthy Looking Skin IS IN! Where is the lie? What if I told you the road to your healthiest looking and feeling skin begins with your bath soap? Well read below to find out how to keep gorgeous glowing skin with consistent use of the right bath soap.


1. Using a mild natural soap helps you avoid topical use of harsh chemical filled detergents. Conventional grocery store soaps are really just solid detergents. Most of them are not truly soap. A mild natural soap is one that is made using fatty acids (oils or butters) and salts. If you love a nice aroma while you cleanse your skin,  gentle fragrances can be added too! Harsh chemicals break compromise the skin barrier over time leading to dry, flakey unhealthy looking skin. WHO WANTS THAT?  Simple, gentle and mild is key!


2. A good rule of thumb to know if your bath bar is really soap is to read the ingredients to make sure it only contains fatty acids. The nourishing ingredients in natural soap helps prevent itchy skin and moisturizes the skin. A truly mild soap will not clean so deep that it removes the oils that your skin naturally makes. Instead it does its job in suspending excess dirt that you may have picked up on your skin and washing them away. In addition it compliments the natural oils with its nourishing oils .


3. Detergent bars mask odor more and clean less and also dehydrate the skin. Natural soaps suspends oils and dirt that cause odor away from the skin in a way that make it easy to wash away from with water.  Cleaning  your skin correctly  and in mild, healthy way will not have you feeling dry and itchy. Your skin should feel clean and balanced after you wash it. Sealing it with a nice body lotion right after a bath helps to lock in the moisture from the water and nourishing oils in your cleanser.

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